Calories, Protein & Number Picking...

When looking into numbers – it’s easy to hand pick the shiny ones you like to fit the purpose you define. Then you can spout whatever nonsense you’d like as some part of a gospel & use it to sell/promote/market… CASHEW NUTS CONTAIN ARE HIGHER IN CARBS THAN PASTA – KEEP EATING PASTA & STOP EATING CASHEWS NOW Well in 100g yes… Cashews have a higher carbohydrate content than pasta (30g v 25g). However, how often do people eat 100g of cashews? Pretty high volume & filling amount of food there. How often do people stick to only 100g of pasta in the meal? Similar to a claim that was made about broccoli & steak in a protein battle. Take the calorie comparison & boom that protein content is very similar for the 2 – Again though, take a bigger picture look. How often would only 100 calories of steak be eaten in one sitting? (around 35g of steak) On the flipside, it’s 300g of broccoli which is going to be a pretty big forest on the plate to chomp through… The tip here – ALWAYS look further into claims & comparisons about foods. It’s easy to skew some numbers into your favour & hope people won’t look further into the numbers. Another good example, sticking with nuts – often preached as a way of adding protein into things whether it’s whole nuts or butter versions. Fact of the matter is, nuts are a high source of fats & an okay source for protein.

NOTE – graph ranked by calories high to low, protein content labelled inside each bar. Values may differ depending on source of purchase.

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