Clearing Up 'Diet' & It's Buzzword Culture

Let’s take an implausible scenario

- Alex decides he wants to change how his body looks... ‘I’ll have to cut out this crap to do it, maybe go keto as that worked for this guy at my old work’ - Alex ultimately fails because he loved carbs, had major cravings often & binged...

Scenario numero 2 - Alex still wants to change his physical look, he’s realised his current diet is pretty enjoyable but it just contains too much eating - Alex decides to stick with current foods/drinks involved BUT lowers his consumption overall = Alex with happy results Now I’m pretty sure you could substitute Alex with yourself in that first scenario It’s easy to do & you can easily argue there’s some logic behind it - I mean we always go to whatever we we’re eating is what got us here... (often ignoring the HOW MUCH we were eating) Then by the logic we apply we think we must drastically overhaul our current eating (diet) & often that means we try the new *popular trendy* fad that’s around When the reality is, you don’t need a new diet... you need to control & balance your current diet. Because the fact is - you’re current diet is full of the foods it includes because you like & enjoy them You need to tidy it up & align it with your goals. - Fat loss? Eat a bit less than currently doing & likely lower frequency higher cal foods - Gain? Eat in a small-medium surplus depending on how you can deal with the additional body fat gained (smaller surplus, slower fat gains) Shift your mindset from NEEDING a new diet for change you want & REALISE it’s about tinkering your current diet - chances are you’ll get better results, require less mental effort & enjoy the fucker a lot more PLUS never need to ‘diet’ again

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