Shifting Your Food Mentality

Sort these foods into 2 columns labelled good & bad – pizza, kale, chicken breast, donut, broccoli, yoghurt, cheese, potato, haribo… Done it? Well there’s no info to actually sort them. Why? Because food isn’t ‘good’ or ‘bad’! BUT I thought donu… NO… no food is good, bad or any thesarused version. The sooner you can understand & live this truth - the better, healthier your relationship with food will become. Also, creating stronger eating habits & a greater understanding around foods. If I asked you to raise your hand if you’ve ever said something along the lines of ‘I was so bad last night with fish & chips, couple beers too’ 95% of you would be raising them digits. Let’s step back to the above, now if I’d said sort these foods into 2 columns of good & bad tasting foods, sure you can do that. FOOD & PURPOSE But for fat loss isn’t cake & chips bad!? & like kale, salads & that good no!? NO Take fat loss – we know it’s a calorie deficit needed so as long as your eating falls within that intake it’s all gravy. Taking a closer look into choices you may face, some can be better or worse – let’s say you’ve consumed 1500/1800 calories, choosing a lower calorie snack of say 100 cals is a better choice than that of a 500 cal snack. Does this mean you couldn’t choose the 500 cal snack? Of course not, choose which you’d like but then be aware you’re not in a deficit & will need to make adjustments over the next days etc. Say you’re next meal won’t be for hours – your better choice is something higher satiating (generally good to high protein content & higher food volume like a good pile of veggies) over something that leaves you feeling hungry still. Calories… Some foods will be higher, some will be lower – Macros… higher & lower – Sugar… higher & lower – Carbs… higher & lower - or have a good content & bad content. But simply overall - good & bad!? No… Stop it… Want to confuse a good/bad preacher!? If my pizza is traditional based but topped with only veggies… does that make it good or bad!?

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