Fat Loss - The Magic Diet!?

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TL;DR – a calorie deficit is (still) needed for fat loss, no matter the ‘type’ of diet you choose (to endure, embrace, give cult-like following, Netflix & chill with so on…)

Yes, with fat loss a calorie deficit is still king, front & centre, printed on the money & coins. Any claims that this diet or that diet is superior or necessary & disregards this point is incorrect.

What really makes a diet mechanism (type of diet) superior? Your ability to stick with it on a consistent basis, enjoy it & maintain a healthy relationship with food, food habits & the like.

Take a diet – keto, vegan, flexi, IF whatever it might be, then look into fat loss journeys, social medias etc. You’ll find plenty of examples of people who have got leaner, lost fat & had incredible transformations. I also know if you ask around, you’ll find the opposite of people who tried & struggled on whichever diet.

From personal experience – I’ve known someone happily go onto keto, be able to maintain it, enjoy it & see results. They weren’t very fussed about carbs before going onto the stricter keto, so it wasn’t much of a lifestyle change & was easy for them to implement.

Also, I’ve known people who are very carb happy, get pushed onto a keto diet because of it’s ‘superiority’ & really struggle to implement it. They hugely missed carbs, struggled coming up with meals & cravings & generally hated life through the time they were on it. Ultimately leading to no progress & frustration of feeling a ‘failure’ – when the real failure was putting them onto this mechanism in the first place.

It can happen on any of them – some people (those more data minded & such) absolute love counting calories & seeing all this data in front of them – others absolutely hate all the ‘effort’ that it takes to track.

Best advice – take a look into your habits (eatings & everyday life) & see what might fit best with you. Give it a try & re-evaluate every few weeks, is it working? Is it a no go? Don’t feel the need to force through something you hate because you’ve been sold the lie of ‘necessary superiority batman’.

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