Carbs - Maybe you owe them an apology!?

Yep, even as we head towards 2020 carbs are still (if not more than before) getting a bad rap for pretty much anything diet related. Want to lose weight? Can’t eat carbs! Get healthier? Nope, no carb sir! It’s only a matter of time till they get the blame on climate change & Brexit…

Now when we’re talking fat loss we know (or hopefully do) that the underlying factor is calories & energy balance (out more than in). With this in mind, it’s not a far stretch to see why carbs get demonised so much for FL; - They often make up the majority of people’s daily calorie intake. - They’re often highly palatable & satiable (tasty AF) – leading to higher consumption - Often the demonisation process focuses on foods both high in carbs & fats (side note) By then demonising & pushing people away from consuming carbs, it’s common to see; - Calorie intake lower (consistently) & results start to happen – leading to more claims of ‘carbs are evil’. Again, especially seems more common nowadays with the rise of keto & low carb diets/products becoming increasingly popular (and cult like followings). Reality is; - Carbs are fine to eat (& still tasty AF) - For fat loss, calorie control & sufficient protein are the main factors to changing body composition – carbs & fats can come down to personal choice - Carbs can give slightly better physical performance benefits over low carb diets - LC or keto doesn’t provide greater benefits for fat loss over diets including carbs Takeaway – Stop believing (or spreading) that carbs are bad & must be avoided. As always, with FL it comes down to personal preference in your approach. Some things are more concrete – calorie control (deficit) & protein intake – whereas others have more flexibility – how you consume the rest of your calories, what diet mechanism you use, how many meals etc…


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