Exercise for Muscle Gain or Fat loss answered... Part 2

October 2, 2019

Hopefully you’re here from part 1 (if not go read it now), in which we gave you the ‘best exercise/s’ for either fat loss or muscle gain & went into the focus for both of these goals.

Now, we focus on the resistance training aspect, points to execute on & things to avoid.


First point here is NAIL the basics – Get your technique down, understand the reason of the movement (the muscles being used & the movement) & those basic of movements - pressing pulling squatting lifting (mainly compound lifts).

And we mean NAIL THEM DOWN. It’s the classic ‘don’t try & run before you can walk’ scenario - sure you can see certain exercises & think they look cool AF BUT if you can’t successfully carry out a correct bodyweight squat then going straight to an overhead squat is only going to end badly. (Hint – it could involve flashy lights)

Don’t limit yourself – machines, barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight all have their place & are all useful tools to use. Stop thinking certain equipment is superior & start thinking about what ‘feels’ right when you use it, how your mind-muscle connection is & what your results look like (Except bosu balls, fuck bosu balls)

Aim to be optimal in your exercises – use the full ROM (range of motion) you can, use the right weight to complete your reps (I.E. if you’re aiming for 10 reps & after 3 you’re already fucked.. might be the wrong weight) & don’t bunch exercises together for the sake of it.

This last point is one to really push home – it’s commonly seen to put exercises together & call them ‘fat burning’ - in reality they’re useless2! More often then not, you end up using weights that are too light for one part, too heavy for the next part & your form is messier than a teens room.

Remember, progressive overload is the goal. The aim of training is to bring about progression & growth. Whether it’s through using more weight moved, more reps, more sets etc. your goal is to ensure you continue to progress (at a volume/rate that’s recoverable).


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