Exercise for Muscle Gain or Fat loss answered... Part 1

It’s time to move away from the thinking ONE exercise is the make or break for fat loss/muscle gain. Yes, some exercises will bring about greater results depending upon the goal, (like resistance training for body composition) BUT it’s not a case of this is the best & that should be cut from your life. Also, NO it’s not combining 5 different exercises into 1 ‘super-duper pointless burpresquatnado’… Reality is whichever your goal, fat loss or muscle gain your training doesn’t need to alter much (if at all) especially for beginners/returners to training. The real differences come in your nutritional approach to the goal (of body composition). In regards to fat loss, nutrition will be a main focus & forefront of how you progress towards your goal. With the simplest matter being ensuring you’re in a consistent calorie deficit, then your training will help aid muscle retention & body composition changes. For muscle gain, there’s a stronger focus on your training (more tips in next part) as ensuring sufficient stimulus & volume for growth is essential. Then your nutrition focus will shift to being in a calorie surplus for the best growth conditions. (Take into consideration a surplus will also add body fat, so go as higher surplus as you feel comfortable with fat gains). So, there is no real best exercise or exercises specific to fat loss or muscle gain. Instead, aim to nail the basic movements, using good form & pushing to progressively overload in the exercises. Look to focus your training on resistance/weighted training with cardio/sporting as accessories (for body composition goals). In part 2, we’ll dive deeper into why resistance training should be your main port of call (especially with body composition), tips & don’ts to get the ‘best’ results.

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