Fears - Logical & the ridiculous..

Things I’ve heard recently -

‘You don’t need to be scared of it, it’s good fats. It’s only the bad fats you have to avoid!’

‘What is it? *looks at pic of large large cookie* Oh yeah, that’s terrible for you.’

‘God I ate so much over the weekend & got super drunk Sat, gonna have to punish myself this week!’

‘No I couldn’t eat that! That’s terrible for me I’d get so fat.’

‘That’s too much sugar, you gotta eat less fruit.’

‘Eat only half of that as a whole one is too much bad carbs for you.’ Some of these have been said by general people, some by trainers & really is a sad, sad state of affairs! Some fears can make sense… some will seem crazy to you… BUT ANY fear around foods, food groups & food consumption should never be a thing. The only sweats you should get from food should be chilli, meat or other alternative sweats! Not fear sweats…

Some bits below :-

•• Just like one salad, one workout, one run doesn’t make you fit – one beer, one pizza, one lazy day doesn’t make you fat. It’s the consistent process of your life that creates your situation.

•• Pay attention to your language & the words you use (especially those put in a trusted position by people looking to better themselves) - that’s terrible for you… You shouldn’t eat that… good/bad etc. can easily create negative relationships without you realising it, confusion & frustration.

•• Be wary, be active & look to understand better in your search for info. Don’t just take one person’s word, one blog or a news article as gospel – there’s plenty of money to be made out for people by feeding you BS, confusing the hell out of you & making you reliant on them/their products.

•• Take time in your search for answers, look for more resources, use your scrolling time with some knowledgeable follows (like Martin MacDonald) for pure gold.

•• So, from this, eat that cookie, enjoy the pizza, have that beer OR say no to going out, sit in a bar with a diet coke, smash out a whole head of broccoli – It’s about you, your mental relationship & what helps you enjoy your lifestyle, as this is what creates your physical situation.

•• Look internally – some of the issues could be from within or patterns you can learn occur & set up avoidance strategies for the future. (e.g your work may always have a crazy week at the end of each month which coincides with you slamming them calories heavy & hard) These periodic situations could easily aid in creating fear/negativity in your relationship with foods.

•• Being more self-aware (especially of your habits & mechanisms – dealing with stress etc.) can have a huge benefit to your relationship with food & relationships in general. You can limit periods of serious binging (again often leads to negative thinking & negativity around foods – no one binges on carrots!), understand better your choices & improve your ability to eat & maintain a balanced, enjoyable ‘diet’.

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