Exercise Selection Pt 1 - Good, Smart Stuff!

Good news everyone, we’re doing a blog on some basics of exercise selection and simple session building! Bad news, it might be full of common sense, useful tips and expel that ‘sick gram sponsored athlete shit’ you may love following, my bad!

In part 1 here, it’s all about the smart things to start with before even getting into the exercise choices and stepping foot in the gym.

Form over everythaang.. No egos, no super cool gram moves, no injuries thank ya!

Now I really hope this point is common sense to everyone, no matter if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before or if you’re an experienced lifter. Form, technique whatever you want to call it should always be your number 1 priority in any exercise you do. So, lets break this down into 2 mini points-

  • Exercises you can execute

Start of with the exercises you can do with the correct technique & proper form. The results of this? It’ll limit the risk of injury and you’ll build a solid foundation for future exercise/weight progressions!

Sure, you can see some shit online or some fitness guy/gal you follow doing some amazing exercise or heavy lifting but why replicate it when you can’t do it? Poor form and ego weights lead to injuries and pain in the long run.

Stick to the simple stuff to begin, use weights that you can handle with form & technique on point and then build your progression of weights & variable exercises up from there, it’s a process and takes time!

Simple way to think, you don’t know how to defuse a bomb so would you try it??

  • Muscle engagement

Secondly, it’s all about muscle engagement in the exercise. What is muscle engagement? Using the correct muscles for the exercise! How do we get this? By using correct form, and focusing on the muscles we are using.

This blends nicely together with the first point, if you’re executing and hitting the exercises correctly then it’s 99% that you’ll be using & growing those muscles targeted. Take the flip side of it, you’re squatting all over the place with the hips tucking in, knees driving too far forward and caving in? You’re going to be missing some muscle activation & engagement for sure, not to mention the added stressors put onto other muscles like your lower back… leading to? You got it, injuries and a technique in need of correction!

‘Do these specific exercises for fat loss.. spot reduction homie.. Tone..’

If someone tells you that to specifically lose fat you need to burpee like life depended on it… tell them to get in the sea… or fuck off whichever you prefer! Let’s dispel the bullshit right here, just because you’re not jumping around like a fool, sweating yo' ass off or lifting 2 gazillion kilos doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time!

  • Goal specific exercises

Now when it comes to goal specifics, the only real time exercises need to be specific is in lifting goals. For example, you’re aiming to squat 100kg well you’re going to need to squat a lot, add in exercises that work the same muscles as the squat to help build it up and strengthen any lagging muscles.

  • Fat loss/muscle gain

For fat loss or muscle gain? There aren’t specific exercises which will help you achieve either, doing crunches doesn’t flatten your stomach and give you abs, doing tricep dips doesn’t eliminate bingo wings… I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

With either of these, it’s about your big compound lifts, full body exercises and having weights on the bar or whatever you’re using. You can use the same principles in your training for either one of these goals and mainly it’ll come down to your nutrition of calories in/out. You train correctly, heavy, often and full body with a calorie deficit and you’ll lose body fat, alternatively if you have a calorie surplus you’ll gain muscle.

So hopefully you’ve read and understood the above, realising we don’t need some super extravagant bro’d up training to achieve your goals.

That when we are starting out or starting again it’s about keeping it simple, working the full body with a good selection exercises, performed correctly and that compound movements should be the bulk.

In part 2, we look at building a session/training routine with what to include, why and if variety is always needed. Sneak preview, there’s no such bullshit as ‘shock the body!’

Any questions, feel free to drop us a message over on Facebook, Instagram or email us and if you’re not already give us a like/follow!

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