Health - Now With Added Happ'y'ness! :-)

It’s blog-o-clock, let’s look at something I think gets lost in the madness of life and training HEALTH. So, what is health? Well the folks at the W.H.O have given us a definition of ‘a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Which sounds quite fitting, but what does it that mean to YOU and YOUR LIFE?

Why it matters?

*Insert obvious answer klaxon here* …it matters because it makes you who you are! We’ve all been on both end of the spectrum from the ‘sick as a dog’ to the ‘king of the world f’kin fantastic!’ So, for day to day functioning it’s a necessity to be healthy. The same goes for the physiological, being injury free provides us the best basis to function in life and training.

Why do we forget this?

I mean, why does such a key component seem to go under the radar? Why do we forgot about the progress we make in this area and shrug it off like it’s nothing?

Point one I’d say is the understated nature of it. Being realistic how often do you truly take the time to appreciate being healthy, sickness & illness free? Rarely right!? But we’ll happily bitch about being tired, sick, hurt, ill etc… It’s a lot more common to complain than be grateful & happy!

Second point, mainly relating to health in terms of our training & fitness is it’s trackability. In terms of actual training you’ve got all the progress markers you could ask for with reps, weight, sets etc.

Now with health, unless there are certain circumstances to measure (diabetes as an example) it’s less trackable and therefore less emphasised. Now we can use visuals with progress pictures we allow you to track physical changes but what about health? Take running a 5k for example, you could improve your time which is a trackable measure of increased cardio fitness. Another way would be in the actual run, if to begin you’d be tired after the first couple km but after a couple weeks you make the first 3k without stopping… ta daaaaaaaa its progress! Even something as simple as taking stairs in your offices and not being out of breath can be an indicator, take the wins!

Shapes the basis of life

‘The greatest wealth is health – Virgil’

Let’s be open and honest, the number 1 benefit of training and nutrition?? Making us healthy!! Cut through the rest of it, the transformation pictures you can boast… the weight you can lift… the exercises you can do… It’s about being fit and healthy for the longevity and enjoyment of life!!

All the other achievements are fantastic, I’m not saying they shouldn’t be celebrated or targeted but don’t forget to appreciate the value of your health. So, take rest when your body needs it… avoid over-training on injuries… remember how far you’ve come and how great your quality of life is because of the steps YOU’ve taken!

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