Exercise For Fat Loss

Best exercise!?

What a question right?? I mean it’s such a common question ‘what’s the best exercise for fat loss?’ It’s HIIT right? Tell me it’s Crossfit!? Well in a simple answer, no. There’s no one size fits all answer to the secret of exercising for fat loss, those ‘gurus’ claiming otherwise are lying to you, it’s not that simple!

An open approach

I’m sure we’ve all seen it, those clinging to their preferred camps preaching it’s the only thing ever in life. We’ve all seen the hundreds upon thousands of lovely professionally pictured ripped to shiz guys and gals, claiming it’s ‘their way or give up now’. Because if there’s one thing ‘Muscle Mike’ knows, it’s YOU and how YOU should be exercising.

The phrase ‘Get in the sea’ comes to mind for his preaching ass.

Sensible for the win!

So, let’s back up to step 1 and choosing your exercise. Well it’s you who’s going to be doing it so never eliminate the value of common sense! In fact, it should be what helps to guide the plan you’re going to create.

Look at it this way, what is the point in making the plan ‘right, 4 runs a week and hit the gym twice’ when you can’t stand bloody running!? How long is that going to realistically last, a week, two tops!?

Then it’s back to square one, feeling negative and most likely problem eating through a weeks’ worth of pizza and junk food.

Enjoy what you do

Well there is the takeaway message then, set yourself to do what you enjoy! If you like lifting heavy shiz, lift heavy stuff, if it’s HIIT type workouts you prefer then HIIT it up! You like to run, then run Forrest run!

Keep an open mind, try out different workouts and training styles to find which you prefer and use those as the basis for your training. Because when it comes to getting more active, you’ll do what you enjoy and find it a welcome reliever at stressful times.

Don’t underestimate anything, even something as simple as going for a couple extra walks a week to keep yourself moving will benefit you in the long term. It’s about moving more and enjoying what you do!


The main message is this - enjoy what gets you more active, ignore ‘gospel’ workout preachers, experiment with different activities and find what makes YOU tick!

Once you find you’re groove, build your workout plans around your preferred sessions, keep your mind open to trying new activities and push yourself every single time. This coupled with the calorie deficit is how we train for FAT LOSS and not just a scale shift!

Personally, I like to lift heavy, avoid running and try new activities, recently climbing is becoming a part of it!

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