Goals & You - Pt 1.

Let’s look in to the world of goals, goal setting and the reason why they’re such a common occurrence in all aspects of life. How do we define a goal? The good old dictionary definitions will read along the lines of ‘the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result…’ All well and good but what does this mean to us!?

We’re going to narrow our focus in this blog to the goals of fitness and lifestyle. Now even in this narrowed view, the amount of goals set, heard and discussed are numerous! With a long range from generic to inspiring..

The robot has goals

Just as you can hit the internet for the most generic, impersonal workouts going, the same can be applied to goals. All well and good right, a nice big list of goals ready made for you to use!? Well at least it’s a starting point..

Now I’m not saying its 100% useless, like I say at least it might get the cogs turning and give you a starting direction for goals you want to achieve. But if you take it straight from the page, most likely it’s going to result in failure and annoyance. Anyone can set you any goal, you can set any goal but in many cases if we can’t draw a connection to it, what’s really going to be achieved?

Find the human in goals

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of goals as they’re the greatest progress measure and give you that sense of accomplishment we all want.

So, the simple tip and takeaway from this blog? FIND THE HUMAN.. Make an emotional connection and reasoning for the goal in question.

The reality is with whatever you do, without commitment and hard work from yourself it’s very rarely going to get done. So accountability definitely comes in the form of emotion, we’re emotionally driven beings and adding a ‘real’ side to any goal adds that dedication when life hits us for six.

Who’s really going to take the arse off the chair to hit that workout you needed to do today when works been a bitch!? When to begin with you don’t even know why you’re trying to hit this goal set, it’s what your trainer friend Steve told you to do!? Thought so..

But if your goal is for you, you’ll want that workout in more. Why? Because fast forward a month, when you’re on the beach feeling sexy as a MF in that bikini tanning it up you did it for you, for this you right there.

Shape the future

So take a proper look into goal setting, take the time to set ‘real human’ involved goals rather than what Steve says, or what your mates done.. At the end of the day it’s on you, so it must be FOR you!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment on goals coming soon..

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