Monday Movement - 20 Minute HIIT!

Time to blow off those bank holiday cobwebs with this high energy, high intensity workout. So get that glass of water, start that warm up and enjoy! All you need is your body weight or some weighted household equipment and it's that simple.

First off ensure you conduct a proper warm up, going through the whole body and raising that heart rate. Feeling ready and raring to go?!

Part 1

45 secs High Knees

30 Squats

30 secs Rest

30 secs Press Ups

20 Overhead Raises*

30 secs Rest

20 Burpees

30 secs Mountain Climbers

30 secs rest

Repeat Above Twice

Part 2

Using a timer of 20/20 work/rest for the following exercises:

Incline Press Ups

Weighted Squats*


Alternate Lunges

Squat & Overhead Press*

Weighted Upright Row*

Repeat Above Twice

*Using something for weight, bag of flour etc.

Followed by a thorough cool down, stretching off whole body working from bottom up.


Each part should take around 10 minutes to go through, ensure you keep your technique through the exercises and try to focus on your speed through timers. Keep hydrated and enjoy the challenge as you get your sweat on!

Get that Motivation Monday Feeling!

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