The Journey - Using Motivation When It Surges..

Today we look at a powerful booster, yet an misunderstood and misused principle at times. We know that motivation is a huge driving factor for our actions but we also see it as a necessity to start, to act and that without it taking part will be a waste.

Motivation should be an additive, not a foundation

From what I've seen, experienced and heard from clients, gym goers etc. the belief can be there that without the motivation acting at a base layer coming to train, prepping food or building habits is a waste as there just isn't full commitment. WRONG

Especially when starting out, it's crucial to begin sticking to a schedule which will act as your foundation. In fact pushing yourself to build your new habit without the motivation as a driving aid will make it much easier to stick to when motivation is around. You've done it without the motivation so with it will be a walk in the park!

This will also create a feel good factor once you've completed your task and reflection on it will breed positivity in your mind. Starting is the difficult part but once you're involved why stop? Every little step you take is moving in the right direction and without it your standing still, allowing your mind to create a 'longer bridge' to your end goal.

Think of motivation like the seasoning on your food, you're going to eat without it, adding it makes it all the better!

Ride the motivation wave

The second point is use this motivation when it strikes! Another part I have experienced is the 'I feel great, can't wait for tomorrow to come to do ......' then tomorrow comes and it's just not the same. Sound familiar maybe, know the feeling? I've been guilty of this and I'm sure you have too, we all will have been at some point so the key takeaway is feeling that surge? ACT!

The great thing about motivation is it can occur from all number of sources, so once that buzz comes act as soon as you can no matter the task. Get that compliment that you're looking great recently? Ride that high and continue to push forward. Fantastic feedback from work after that hard work/reading? Superb, now drive on and further that venture.

Feed into your habits with that positive energy and you'll continue to grow your mindset, positivity brings positivity and creates a strong mental position.


There is always time in the day to make positive steps forward, no matter how big they may be. Every day doesn't have to be a stride, the smallest movement continues to build the foundations stronger and can be some of the proudest moments along the journey.

So next time motivation knocks, take the initiative and answer!

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