Eating Habits – What should we listen too?!

Hi guys, as you may have seen yet another article has come out about our eating habits. If not a link to the telegraphs article is . Now this can be seen as a positive step forward and a call to re-think current trends but then again, it is just another example of information overload! You could be asking ‘where do I even start eating to lose weight?!’ So in this blog we’re looking to give a few simple tips to help you through!

Tip #1 - Proper food for proper humans!

Now we’re playing around in the title, of course we’re all proper humans! Yet why do we have this desire to fill our bodies with processed, manufactured foods? Foods that have had all the real nutrients and vitamins sucked out and re-entered in powdered forms. The main reason is it seems simple, easy to make and usually packed with sugars that provide the body with an instant gratification and happiness! (blood sugar spike!)

This first tip is to step away from these foods and start getting back to basics. Proper food like meats, fish, veggies, wholegrains (especially in pastas/rices) etc. that are single ingredient and still packed full of those real nutrients. The trick here is to look for those fresh items, foods with lesser ingredients and things that you know and understand. We shouldn’t be looking at our foods and thinking ‘what the heck is asffusnsd gum?!’

Tip #2 – Be wary of claims!

It’s a trend that seems to have creeped in for good, claims on foods for ‘low fat’ or ‘zero sugar’ and so on. The first thing we need to think is, well why do they even need to make these claims? One point is the marketing to draw your attention and make you buy, but really how can we have the same products with such varied claims! We need to be wary of how these come about, the chemicals that have been added or removed, the best example is the low fat claim and how so many of these products have been replaced with high sugar contents to keep that flavour still to your taste!

So again, we’re looking for the most natural products to eat. A common purchase here is in yoghurts, it’s low fat so it must be better for me! Wrong, many have high sugar contents to keep that flavour. Stick to the normal, natural versions of these products and remember our bodies need fat to work, stop avoiding it. Fats won’t make you fat, we need to stay clear of trans fat which again is that chemically engineered source our bodies can’t handle. But we need our sources of healthy fats like omegas and some saturated fats to keep our bodies functioning, eating these will help burn fat, of course in moderation!

Tip #3 – Lower your indulgence!

That leads us on to tip 3, it’s all about our moderation and control. Probably one of the simplest steps to do once we’ve clicked it but our portion control and nutrient control is key. Our bodies are highly complicated and tuned machines, you wouldn’t put diesel into a petrol car and the same thing applies.

Start looking to control your portion size, be wary of the amount of starchy carbs you eat (potato, rice, pasta etc.) make sure your getting some protein at each meal and try to add in veggies to each meal. They don’t take much prep and will add those nutrients your body is missing!

We must use the right fuels and the correct amounts to keep us going, especially important for our weight loss journey. We’ll look further into such issues raised here about our diets in further blogs and be posting a simple infographic which can show you easy sources of things such as proteins, fats and carbs while recipes will keep coming up for delicious meals to try!

No one size diet fits all, so don’t blindly follow a shepherd and his flock, listen to your body and how it responds. Have a great day!

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