HIIT 10-Minute Workout!

HIIT 10 Minute Workout

Never underestimate the effects a quick workout can have on your day! Even if we’re squeezed for time, undertaking a short HIIT workout can have many benefits for our health and happiness.

HIIT – The Benefits

So you’re starting out and looking for to burn fat, tone up and keep it simple. We’re immediately drawn to this idea of a nice steady bit of cardio (a jog for example), it’s short, its easy and we feel good while we do it. Plus, it’s the best way to burn those calories we’re looking to get rid of right?

Wrong, while the steady cardio is going to help you lose weight and feel fitter, venturing into the world of HIIT is going to be more beneficial. Why? Well for a start we can burn more calories per minute, meaning a more effective and efficient workout in the time period. Not only is this a good thing for those longer workouts, but even in a short space of time we can get our bodies fired up!

There is also a difference between our weight loss and fat loss, so while those pounds are dropping on the scales, where are they coming from? The common case during low intensity steady exercise is our bodies will use our muscle stores to burn through, meaning our weight loss is actually muscle loss and not fat. Through HIIT we change how this works, as our muscles exert more energy and start to burn, we use up our glycogen stores. So instead of our body converting and storing your carb intake into fat stores, it’ll prepare it for fuel for our muscles to burn through and we’ll begin to burn fat off!

So the HIIT will provide:

  • More efficient & effective workout

  • Help develop and muscle tone

  • Burn more fat & raise our metabolism

10-Minute Workout

You may have seen our 20-minute challenge, which is still great to use and if not check it out! But today, we’re bringing you a stripped down quick 10-minute workout for when time is tight!

Quick 1-minute full body warm-up (work from the head down)

2x 4-minute rounds, 20 secs work 10 secs rest, twice through the exercises completes a round

Round 1

  • Press ups, Burpees, Elbow lifts, Dips

Round 2

  • Squats, Lunges, Squat Jumps, Mountain Climbers

Quick 1-minute cool down (legs up to the top)

Give it a try today guys, and start to reap the benefits of HIIT today!

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