The Journey - Time, Friend or Foe?

Hi guys, today we look further into the tricky topic of time management, expanding further from our previous blog of priority scheduling. While the hours can feel long at work, they can feel so short when we want them the most. Scheduling is a tough issue to put into practice but with the right tools, time is our greatest ally!

Time - Friend or Foe?

Now I know we all at one point or another feel that time is on top of us, we fall short of the 'just don't have the time' reasons (often excuses!) and the days get shorter and shorter! This can be a common occurrence, especially when our plate stacks up with work and general life issues.

This has been a regular pop up for myself this last few weeks, as work adds up, a flat move and fitting everything in where possible! Now this has meant certain aspects have had to take a back seat (blogs for one!) and I've felt less productive than before. However, as bits calm down now and with the aid of new techniques to help schedule my life, time seems to be back as my friend. For how long we shall see..

Be the boss!

At busy periods it's easy for us to get sucked into doing the things others need, and ignoring our own priorities. This is a big issue for many, leading to that feeling of stress as time keeps flying by and before you know it, it's been weeks since you've done that activity you wanted.

So one trick to use is plan out your priorities, and make sure you include these into your daily plans. Now this could be any range of activities from playing sports to having family time. The main thing is to build these parts into your days and shape the non-priority activities around. For example you play football every Tuesday evening 7-9. Well that's what is scheduled for that time for you, and that extra bit of work will be done around that time.

Remember it's your life, schedule in time for activities you enjoy!

Find what works for you

You'll find all sorts of tips, tricks and suggestions on how to keep time better. The key thing to remember is, use what works for you! Find a routine you are sticking too week in week out. Whether this be scheduling prioritised time and working life around it. You might spend some time every Sunday to plan your week ahead, update your calendars/diaries for the week with everything. Maybe you do this each evening for the next day, whatever you find that works use it.

It takes time and energy to create these new habits to aid your lifestyle, so using those techniques that feel the most natural to you is vital in aiding the creation of new foundations. Keep an open mind and embrace the change with curiosity, it's never a chore to plan for a better life!

Take care and enjoy..

PS. Make sure to keep those activities that mean a lot to you in your weekly plans, I found that during the hard times I lost touch so much with these. They really contributed to my negativity in tough times due to feeling a sense of lost identity!

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