Creating a Growth Mindset - Part 2

'..I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul' - Invictus, William Ernest Henley

So in the first part we covered the what a ‘Growth Mindset’ is, the difference between it and a ‘Fixed Mindset’ and hopefully you can see its importance in aiding our personal development. This part we will look at a few simple ways to start developing the mindset, help to sustain it and watch your development soar like an eagle!

1 – No one is perfect

This is an important step to realise, it’s easy to look at others, those we admire or feel jealousy towards because they seem to be the ‘perfect’ person. We must realise they aren’t, the difference is they are willing to work on every bit of themselves. Everyone has a weakness on something and strengths on others, but if we hide away from our weakness we limit our potential to grow. We can fear diving into the worlds of our weakness because we associate this part of ourselves with failure, hardship and difficulty. Well guess what? We must dive into this realm, realise our weaknesses and take them head on, this is how we improve them, this is part of the growth mindset challenge.

2 – Forget the word ‘failure’ and learn its replacement

Leading on from step 1, we tackle FAILURE. A seven letter word we fear, avoid and lock away far from ourselves. It’s a natural thing that many of us do, and a tough step to overcome. So it’s time to change perspective on this subject, stop viewing failure as a negative, destructive force and flip it into an area of improvement. When you fall short of a goal or a target, you haven’t failed to achieve it, you’ve learned it takes more of a certain aspect to achieve. So go away, work on that aspect and come back stronger. If we view ourselves as learners rather than failures, our room to grow expands rapidly, and a positive outlook follows.

3 – Take ownership of YOU

Our final point is to take ownership of your actions. It can be an easy step to look for approval from others, shy away from doing things because it isn’t sociable or encouraged and we can view that criticism as a negative. The secrets out guys, the one who cares most about you is YOU! So stop looking for that approval all the time from others and search it from yourself. Is this job going to make you better, will this work in your favour, will this help you grow? If so take it on, don’t think will others approve of me for doing this, will they criticise me say this and that.. Don’t take it personally, they’re just upset that you’re trying to make yourself better while they stay static.

Progress must be a driving force, you’re the driver, stop listening to the passenger..

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