Creating a Growth Mindset - Part 1

“In one world, effort is a bad thing. It, like failure, means you’re not smart or talented. If you were, you wouldn’t need effort. In the other world, effort is what makes you smart or talented.” – Carol Dweck

What is our current potential? Do we even know and can we really ever know? Well it could be a case that we’re our own worst enemy in our approach to the everyday. We’ll explore how to unlock that potential, aiding you to create new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

What is a ‘growth mindset’?

We can often apply limitations to ourselves, the belief in our own abilities and how certain situations will play out. Through our mindset we can apply negatives into the everyday as we believe the limits we have set will hinder progression, will I fail or succeed? Will I look smart or stupid? In the end it’s not worth the risk and we shy away from new challenges, situations and hide in the small picture. This can be called a ‘fixed mindset’.

So let’s begin to look at things in a different way, let’s look at the bigger picture. If we start to think about our limits at today, they are just abilities at a basic level which through effort, application and experience can grow each and every day. The idea that the hand we are dealt is just the beginning, the rest is up to us. As we remove the stigma from failure, we realise the wealth of taking the plunge and the invaluable experience we receive. This is ‘growth mindset’.

Why develop it?

Developing a growth mindset can open up a whole new world, aiding in progress, effectively applying change and building self-confidence. As we can see from the above, taking a fixed mindset approach builds limits into our lives and can hold us back from new challenges and adventures. We can be frozen in our tracks by fear and become our own worst enemy.

If we look at stressful situations that can often occur, a tough task at work, a job interview or implementing changes into our lifestyle. The first step is the hardest, so with a fixed mindset it becomes ten times hardest and can feel like Everest! The fear of failure can hit hard and even force us a halt in our journey as we search for alternative safety routes.

Adopting this growth mindset will aid eliminate this. The first step will still be there, but this times it’s the first step of an adventure, a growing experience that we will better from, becoming one part of our mosaic and not the complete image. We truly believe that every challenge should be met, will be met with positivity, enthusiasm and knowing it will be beneficial even if unsuccessful in description.

This mindset breeds change, and as we look to implement changes into our lifestyle to make ourselves healthier, happier and better off. As we look to create new habits and build the ‘new’ us, creating this mindset of a passion for learning and bettering over a desire for approval drives our journey forward!

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