Challenge - 20 Min Workout

Hello, I hope you are doing well as you read this! Today's blog we are setting out a challenge for you, providing a 20 minute equipment free HIIT workout you can do anywhere! Eliminate the excuses of time strapped, you don't have the equipment to do so or 20 minutes really isn't going to do much for you. Take this challenge on and by the end you'll feel fully worked and ready for a sit down.

We'll take you through the plan, provide image demonstrations of the movements and discuss how you can progress even in this 20 minute plan.

20 Min HIIT Workout

Warm up - Remember it's dynamic stretches

  1. Move head side - side - 10 secs

  2. Rotate the head - 10 secs

  3. Rotate the shoulders - 10 secs

  4. Swing the arms - 10 secs (same rotation movement as shoulders)

  5. Move arms up/down - 10 secs (keep the arms straight)

  6. Rotate the hips - 10 secs

  7. Swing leg back/forward - 15 secs (try and increase the range of movement until full)

  8. Swing leg side - side - 15 secs (bring it across your body and out to the side, keep straight)

  9. 5 slow movement squats (focus on the range of movement and technique)

  10. 5 slow movement press ups (focus on the range of movement and technique)

5 Exercises

Squats - Keep your back straight, knees behind your toes and thrust your hips through at the top of the movement to fully work your glutes.

Power Jacks - Like a star jump but with a deep squat added to the movement as your arms come out & up.

Press ups - Arms at full extension in rest position, just wider than shoulder width as you perform the movement bring your chest as close to the ground as you can without touching it, explosive push back up.

Press ups into squat position (spring up) - Follow the press up movement, once press up completed spring yourself up into the squat hold position. Come back down and repeat.

Plank - Keep your hips level, core engaged throughout (suck your stomach into your belly button) and keep your breathing controlled (don't hold your breath).

Cooldown - Static stretches- 2 minutes

  1. Bring your hands together behind your back, push your chest out and stretch your arms behind.

  2. Bring your hands together in front of your chest, stretch out in front as far as you can.

  3. Come down onto your knees, arms straight on and palms on floor, push up away from floor and raise back to the ceiling.

  4. Turn onto your back, keep one leg straight on the floor. Raise the other leg as far as you can while keeping it straight.

  5. Keep one leg straight on the floor, bring your other foot over the knee. Press lightly down on your bent leg knee till you feel the stretch in your glute (bottom).

  6. Stand up, take a wide step and lean across onto one leg. Keep the other leg straight as you lean.

  7. Final stretch, bring one leg up and hold your foot. Keep this leg in tight to the body, if you need to help balance, hold the wall.

(The above images correspond to the numbered bullet points)

Hold these stretches for around 10-15 seconds to get a good stretch on the muscle and your cool down should take around 2 minutes, similar time as your warm up.

The workout

So you've got the workout plan, now what's the challenge? The idea behind this plan is to work a rotation of these 5 exercises. You do 3 rotations going through each exercises in order, so one rotation takes 5 minutes as there is 5 exercises. After completing a rotation, have 30 seconds rest before starting your next set.

Working the rotations

Within the rotations each exercise gets a minute focus, now splitting this is up to you, your ability and how hard you want to push yourself. So here is some guidelines on timings you could run;

  • Beginner, just starting out and want an active workout tailored to your level, look at running each minute as follows - 30 secs exercise 30 secs rest

  • Intermediate, fancy a challenge and currently active, run the minute as follows - 40 secs exercise 20 secs rest

  • Hardcore, fancy really putting yourself through the mill, advanced through the previous rounds and ready for the next step, your minute as follows - 50 secs exercise 10 secs rest

Now you can run it your own way if your just starting up and struggling on 30/30 or if you want more linear progress you can alter 5 seconds each way after a period of time.

So what are you waiting for? Take the challenge today with this equipment free high intensity workout that only takes you 20 minutes and watch your progress rise..

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