The Journey - Make Habits Not Resolutions Pt 3

“The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy. Learn to use the power wisely.” David Cuschieri

So we’ve reached the end of January, those resolutions you made 31 days ago how are they? Some of us will be flying high after keeping them, well done guys! Some will have got lost at the wayside, but don’t worry, it’s a marathon not a sprint, so regroup and push harder!

Which bracket have you fallen into? In this last part we will focus on one key point which could be the very reason of your success/setback.

The Power of YOU

Now making these resolutions, setting sights on changing yourself for the better all came from a positive place and a thoughtful mind. But we can find putting these plans into action difficult for a number of reasons, one reason we must steer clear of and break our cycle on is projecting negativity within ourselves.

Our mind is more powerful than we might realise, we can conjure up imaginations beyond this world, its projections have led to the things we take so lightly today such as electricity, computers, TV and even those we never thought could have been possible before like prosthetics and many more. These such inventions all at one point would have seemed foolish and impossible but not to those minds who undertook them. They visualised, used their minds to believe these could become a reality and then used that power to create the reality I type on now.

So what do we take away from this? That our minds are powerful beyond measure, they are our engine room and can drive use forward when tuned correctly. Power it with positivity, light and love and watch us soar through the good and great as we are unstoppable in putting our plans into action. However, flood it with negativity and watch as we enter freefall with our parachute very much closed.

Realise how the use of our mind can change and influence us in such simple day to day tasks, then take the lesson and apply it to our more demanding, long term goals and tune ourselves with positivity and belief to drive us forward.

Use the power of YOU for the good of YOU..

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