The Journey - Make Habits Not Resolutions Pt 2

Let’s take a look at another couple of steps that we can implement to enable our resolutions to become more, to become a habit that forms our year and leaves us flying high when we reflect!

One at a time

So it’s the new year and we’re ready to make all the changes we can think of under the sun right? Wrong, by giving ourselves multiple new targets to hit it makes it so much easier for us to get confused, stuck, stressed and ultimately quit. It’s a marathon not a sprint is a great saying we can provide here, get out of the thinking that by the end of this month we’re going to have made all these changes and be flying through our journey.

Focus on those targets that mean the most to you, find what you can call a ‘keystone’ goal. What does this mean? A ‘keystone’ goal is something that will enable you to do the other things in life. When working towards this goal, everything becomes clearer, you’ll have more energy for life and be more determined as you push towards your results.

This could a physical goal, ‘to drop a dress size, to lose x amount of weight..’, it could be a knowledge goal ‘learn to cook, learn a language..’ whatever the goal is, if it is the goal you most desire you’ll find it easier to stick to achieving and thrust more life into yourself for everything else.

Invest in yourself

Whether its time or money, invest it in yourself! We are our greatest asset for life, yet we will happily invest time elsewhere. Now I’m not saying it won’t involve allowing ourselves downtime like watching the TV, playing a game etc because it’s an important part of investing in ourselves to allow for relaxing and resting.

However, start taking the time to invest in your mind & body. Let’s say our day starts at 7am waking up and work at 9, we have a lunch break and finish at 5 maybe traffic means we end home at 6 and in bed by 10-11pm, no matter how hectic things can seem a half hour invested each day adds up and doesn’t cripple our day at all. We can easily find that half hour at times for something like watching TV. Commission the time to better yourself each day through mental or physical activity, set aside that hour, half hour in advance so you know it’s coming and you can plan around it also. We’re never too busy that we can’t take steps to improve.

Finally, invest financially in yourself. We can happily spend money on a weekend on pints after pints or whatever your indulgence may be, yet when it comes to spending that bit extra to eat healthier, to give us that extra bit of knowledge, to have use to physical equipment or gyms we shut our pockets because we don’t have money for that.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” Robin S Sharma

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