Merry Xmas!

Let’s start off with saying a very merry Christmas to you, have a great day and enjoy it! In this short blog we ask you one challenge ‘remember it all and give thanks’. It can be such a great day, with presents, fantastic food and family time but also a great time to reflect on the year, the ups and downs and those moments that we should give thanks for.


This is the key message of this blog, that we look back and reflect on everything from today, the weeks and months that have gone by and see how our journey has turned out so far. We look at the moments that have stuck out whether positive or negative, and see how we came through and who was there to lend the helping hand.

One thing I have done this year and found to be a good exercise, to write a letter of thanks to those who have been there at every twist and turn. Give it a try and remember, it’s never too late to let those know what it truly means to you that they were there when needed without asking.

Have a great day and Merry Christmas!

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