Xmas Countdown - Making Opportunities

'There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.'

Wayne Dyer

We define opportunity as the following - 'Opportunity - an ​occasion or ​situation that makes it ​possible to do something that you ​want to do or have to do, or the ​possibility of doing something' Now while this can be misleading in my opinion, as it creates the view that if we wait around the opportunities will come knocking. The reality is yes they might do, but much more often we have to make the door for them to come knocking in the first place!

This can be difficult as it steps us outside of our comfort zones and can put us into situations out of our control. We'll go over some helpful tips to try and take which make these more comfortable and aid us to create those opportunities we look for.

Pay attention

A simple yet effective tip is to pay attention at all times, focusing on our environment and what's happening around us. A little walk out could turn into so much more through paying attention, we can see things we might normally miss, a sign, flyer, event whatever it could be. By keeping our focus on the externals around us we channel those details in through our eyes to the brain where they can be stored or called to action.

Be aware of your impact

Be more conscious of yourself and your impact on the external environment. Letting that positivity flow through your actions even in a simple walk with a smile can have a knock on effect. Be wary of your movements and how you interact with others, positive speaking, polite manners and confident tone can draw people in. Also, speak with knowledge when on subjects, you never know who might hear and approach you to learn more or find out more about you/what you're saying.

Opportunities can be everywhere

They can be everywhere and anywhere, your local supermarket, a walk down the street, a coffee shop you never know when an opportunity could come a knocking, especially when we put ourselves out into the environment. Take steps to help you grow your comfort zone and get yourself out there, go and grab a coffee, go to that group meeting you've seen but kept putting off, have a walk instead of staying in all the time, quite simply just get yourself out there and experiencing new things, you never know what it could lead too!


The final tip is to be decisive, when opportunity does come knocking let it in with open arms, it might not wait around to knock again. A crucial one and what can be the scariest part at times I believe, taking that step to say yes to the opportunity and push ourselves forward, move out of the comfort zone and believe in yourself. You've worked to create the opportunity, don't back out at the last minute, it's yours for the taking!

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