The Journey – Failing Forward

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Thomas A. Edison

Following on from the last blog (hope you found it helpful and interesting) we will look into the idea of failing forward more. I want you to start by looking back over your life and finding your stand out moments, look closely into the details and I guarantee you’ll find times of failure within these. Is that to say these aren’t still great? Course not, identify how the failure was a key part of your journey. You successfully failed forwards and I congratulate you.

1. Fail fast & often

This idea will help it become a more natural part of life and reduce the fear you have moving forward. We need to let our conscious mind take hold and push us to taking the steps we feel are necessary, the longer we hold off, the harder it will become to take and our progression halts.

Ever get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach before doing something? That nauseous feeling? Sweating? The symptoms of stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing ahead with progression. We let the conscious mind take control instead of our deterrent unconscious, it tried to convince you it wasn’t important enough, to scary, you didn’t have it in you.. You did and your desire to push shines through.

2. The idea of telling people

Reinforce your passion for your idea by saying the words to people, let yourself hear it out loud and realise that this is important. This will also reinforce that pesky unconscious mind that tries to hold you back at times. People act as great reminders, not only that those closest to you will want to see you try and achieve your passions. They’ll aid you in ways they can and you’ll push yourself that bit more try new experiences and the act of failing forward.

With each step we take out of our UNcomfort zone, every forward step we grow in confidence and knowledge. There is never shame in failing to better ourselves, as we fail forward we better ourselves in ways we might not realise at the time but look back and they’ll be part of our proudest moments.

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