The Journey - Purpose and Hunger

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams." -

Les Brown

Finding your purpose can be a driver for your hunger, increase your desire and push your limits that bit further. Now to find your purpose requires you to be honest with yourself, look deep down to your roots, and using a couple of the techniques from the previous blogs can aid in this.

I started with SELF REFLECTION to find my purpose, I looked back at the past and how I've changed and why this has come about. The self reflection time showed me the true drivers on why exercise had helped change and mould me into who I am today, who I'll keep striving to become.

My purpose, I found was that it was my escape, a release from constraints I felt and a calming focus for myself. It enabled me to step back and see things clearer, to define a clear path moving forward and release those issues weighing me down.

Use the power of 'I CAN!' and daily positive affirmations to create that positive environment and watch as it creates that desire and hunger for success within yourself. Self belief will become intertwined with your hunger to build a strong bind and continue to grow together and enable your greatness, your light will shine bright onto the world!

Now this purpose will be individualistic, so as long as you can define with clarity and see your vision of your path, your hunger and desire will grow from inside you and carry you through your journey. A clearly defined purpose and hunger for what you undertake will solidify your motivation and stave of hardships as they occur!

No journey is simple and straightforward, but a purposeful journey will always find a way to stay the course..

Who's going to stop YOU..

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