The Journey - The Power of 'I Can!'

''There has never been a statue erected for a critic, everybody tell you how to do it, they never did it" - Prince EA

4 letters.. 2 little words.. but they can have so much power. This might sound simple but being able to say 'I can..', to hear yourself say it and recognise that self belief, can build your confidence tenfold.

Unfortunately this has the same effect with the negative form, which is carried out far too often in our lives and that is the ease of saying 'I can't do that'. These might just seem like words, but the detrimental effect on our self belief and confidence is huge, it creates a fear in the mind that can build until it becomes such a struggle to overcome.

When we break this down, such a small difference creates very different results, the difference of a letter.. T.. Now I want you to look back at your life, look at your moments of greatness and see these came from your belief of 'I CAN'.. When you chose to step into uncertainty and leave the comfort of 'I CANT' at home! This is when you chose growth over fear and look at the results!

Use techniques to inspire that belief in yourself today, start to use daily positive affirmations to build that positive energy! Create your own incantation (e.g. I'm stronger today for what I did yesterday), say it in the mirror first thing in the morning over and over again, chant it, create a rhythm, sing it, dance it, do whatever it needs to get that positive energy into your body and mind, remove 'I CANT' from the equation!

Receive a challenge during the day? Answer 'I CAN', believe in yourself, use this same technique again if needed to build that belief that you'll beat the challenge! Leave 'I CANT' in the bin and never look back to it!

I can today..

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