Kickstart Part 2 - Exercise

Our focus now shifts from your metabolism to EXERCISE, and the role it plays. Part 1 finished off by mentioning resistance and interval training and we now explore these two methods and how they work together.

So resistance training is the most commonly known, now in a kickstart you'd look at working on a full body program to build strength and maintain your muscle tissue so that your primary weight loss comes out of the fat tissue!

Interval training is less common, but is a great provider to burning calories, improving your cardiovascular fitness and contributing to maximising your energy expenditure. Now these benefits are only reached when your interval training is high intensity, so you truly need that push to get yourself out of breath and heart pumping!

The issue is that both of these training methods require adequate recovery and rest periods, so not to burn out the muscle and damage your progression. Therefore a third form of exercise comes in, this is long duration, lower intensity and your daily living. This will help to maintain the fitness foundation you have created and help burn those additional calories in the day. So something as simple as talking the stairs instead of escalators and lifts makes that bit of difference!

Our final and third part will focus on the role nutrition plays, so in summary for exercise a high intensity, resistance based program a couple times a week coupled with your daily living and low intensity cardio provides that kickstart base to your fitness journey!

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