Kickstart Part 1 - Metabolism

So you're looking to give your fitness journey that boost, well this 3 part blog will help provide you with some insight and looks into the 3 basic principles of fitness. The first we're focussing on is METABOLISM, your daily calorie expending friend. We will go through its basic foundation, and how you can look to boost it.

Your metabolism accounts for your daily calorie expenditure, simply the greater it is the more calories you burn a day. Now your body burns calories in the different ways: active daily living, the thermic effect of digesting food and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Now you live an active lifestyle so you must be a burning furnace, right? Well this only accounts for around 15% of the calories you burn in a day depending on your level of activity. How much then comes from digesting the food, well around the same amount at 15%. This means that your BMR is making up 70% of your metabolism! But what is it?

Your BMR is the rate at which your body burns calories when at rest, so what your body burns running its processes. Now at 70% it is clear to see that a slight change, negative or positive will make a big difference to your calories burned in a day, making this a crucial factor to understand!

Now there are two predominant factors contributing to your BMR, your amount of lean muscle mass and your cardiovascular fitness. So if we train to build on these, then our BMR will improve to supercharge your body into a fuel burner even at rest!

How do we build on these? We look at our resistance training to help build our lean muscle mass and interval training to develop our cardiovascular fitness.

These will both be explored more in the exercise part of this blog, so stay tuned and remember, no matter the size of the step forward, they all add up!

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