Here's a delicious and flavourful recipe to store and return to again and again! A real classic and favourite that can be had in one meal or kept for more. Fuel the fire with some serious heat or keep it cool, it's up to you with how hot you go.

Chilli Con Carne - Serving 2/3

750g beef mince

2 peppers

1 tin chopped tomatoes

1 tsp tomato puree

1 tin chickpeas

1 tin kidney beans

1 tin chilli beans

Herbs & sp...


First off let me start by welcoming you to my blog, it’s a pleasure to have you. Now this is my first blog so it may not be the greatest thing ever written, but it’s the starting point! Welcome to Attain Fitness and the blog that accompanies, throughout I will look at posting both personal and informative blogs, taking you through my journey and helping you through yours.


As it’s the first blog,...

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