Today we look at a powerful booster, yet an misunderstood and misused principle at times. We know that motivation is a huge driving factor for our actions but we also see it as a necessity to start, to act and that without it taking part will be a waste.

Motivation should be an additive, not a foundation

From what I've seen, experienced and heard from clients, gym goers etc. the belief can be there...

The final part of the kickstart blog is focussing on NUTRITION and the role it has to play. This can be the most complex and confusing thing for many people, with so much said about it and so many different theories and information flying around!


So for now let’s try and keep this simple, there are your three bases – Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat.


Carbohydrates are our energy source, and in simpl...


So you're looking to give your fitness journey that boost, well this 3 part blog will help provide you with some insight and looks into the 3 basic principles of fitness. The first we're focussing on is METABOLISM, your daily calorie expending friend. We will go through its basic foundation, and how you can look to boost it.


Your metabolism accounts for your daily calorie expenditure, simply the...

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