Mmmm pie *aahdafhsfhued* - everyone’s favourite chart type!

TL;DR – a calorie deficit is (still) needed for fat loss, no matter the ‘type’ of diet you choose (to endure, embrace, give cult-like following, Netflix & chill with so on…)

Yes, with fat loss a calorie deficit is still king, front & centre, printed on the money & coins. Any claims that this diet or that diet is superior or necessary & dis...

Oh look, it’s part 2 wahoo! Hopefully you’re here from part 1, ready to ignore the stupid shit and get your correct, efficient and effective exercise selection on! So, we will go through building a workout/programme, how differing movements/exercises mimic/aid each other and if variety is needed.

So quick overview done, time to get into the meat!

Compound Exercises – The bulk of work

Starting off wit...

Good news everyone, we’re doing a blog on some basics of exercise selection and simple session building! Bad news, it might be full of common sense, useful tips and expel that ‘sick gram sponsored athlete shit’ you may love following, my bad!

In part 1 here, it’s all about the smart things to start with before even getting into the exercise choices and stepping foot in the gym.

Form over everythaang...

It’s blog-o-clock, let’s look at something I think gets lost in the madness of life and training HEALTH. So, what is health? Well the folks at the W.H.O have given us a definition of ‘a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Which sounds quite fitting, but what does it that mean to YOU and YOUR LIFE?

Why it matters?

*Insert obvi...

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