Let’s take an implausible scenario

- Alex decides he wants to change how his body looks... ‘I’ll have to cut out this crap to do it, maybe go keto as that worked for this guy at my old work’
- Alex ultimately fails because he loved carbs, had major cravings often & binged...


Scenario numero 2
- Alex still wants to change his physical look, he’s realised his current diet is pretty enjoyable but i...

Sort these foods into 2 columns labelled good & bad – pizza, kale, chicken breast, donut, broccoli, yoghurt, cheese, potato, haribo…

Done it?

Well there’s no info to actually sort them.

Why? Because food isn’t ‘good’ or ‘bad’!

BUT I thought donu… NO… no food is good, bad or any thesarused version. The sooner you can understand & live this truth - the better, healthier your relationship with fo...

Things I’ve heard recently -

‘You don’t need to be scared of it, it’s good fats. It’s only the bad fats you have to avoid!’

‘What is it? *looks at pic of large large cookie* Oh yeah, that’s terrible for you.’

‘God I ate so much over the weekend & got super drunk Sat, gonna have to punish myself this week!’

‘No I couldn’t eat that! That’s terrible for me I’d get so fat.’

‘That’s too much sugar, you gott...

A fitness marketing buzzword… an overly sold/subscribed attachment word to anything/everything training plan!?

Now, no issue with the word... As long as it’s applied properly.

What is tone?

Well a simple definition is to have a low enough level of bodyfat that shows of definition in your muscle.

So take it to the above, ‘well you’re going to have to lower your level of body fat, through these steps &...

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