Time to blow off those bank holiday cobwebs with this high energy, high intensity workout. So get that glass of water, start that warm up and enjoy! All you need is your body weight or some weighted household equipment and it's that simple.

First off ensure you conduct a proper warm up, going through the whole body and raising that heart rate. Feeling ready and raring to go?! 

Part 1

45 secs High Kne...

 Today we look at a powerful booster, yet an misunderstood and misused principle at times. We know that motivation is a huge driving factor for our actions but we also see it as a necessity to start, to act and that without it taking part will be a waste.

Motivation should be an additive, not a foundation

From what I've seen, experienced and heard from clients, gym goers etc. the belief can be there...


Hi guys, as you may have seen yet another article has come out about our eating habits. If not a link to the telegraphs article is http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/22/eat-fat-to-get-thin-30-years-of-flawed-dietary-advice-is-disastr/ . Now this can be seen as a positive step forward and a call to re-think current trends but then again, it is just another example of information overload! You...

HIIT 10 Minute Workout


Never underestimate the effects a quick workout can have on your day! Even if we’re squeezed for time, undertaking a short HIIT workout can have many benefits for our health and happiness.


HIIT – The Benefits

So you’re starting out and looking for to burn fat, tone up and keep it simple. We’re immediately drawn to this idea of a nice steady bit of cardio (a jog for example),...

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