Hopefully you’re here from part 1 (if not go read it now), in which we gave you the ‘best exercise/s’ for either fat loss or muscle gain & went into the focus for both of these goals.

Now, we focus on the resistance training aspect, points to execute on & things to avoid.


First point here is NAIL the basics – Get your technique down, understand the reason of the movement (the muscles being used...

It’s time to move away from the thinking ONE exercise is the make or break for fat loss/muscle gain. Yes, some exercises will bring about greater results depending upon the goal, (like resistance training for body composition) BUT it’s not a case of this is the best & that should be cut from your life.

Also, NO it’s not combining 5 different exercises into 1 ‘super-duper pointless burpresquatnado...

No endo, ecto & mesomorph!? But I saw this video & then google quizzed myself & now as an ‘informed’ (mislead & lied too) ectomorph I need to improve my testosterone & only do HIIT workouts… NOPE!

Instead, here’s a list of great advice & information to follow so you can get some strong results.

Some expanded points –

  • Learn the muscle your targeting in a movement E.G. anyone can li...

A fitness marketing buzzword… an overly sold/subscribed attachment word to anything/everything training plan!?

Now, no issue with the word... As long as it’s applied properly.

What is tone?

Well a simple definition is to have a low enough level of bodyfat that shows of definition in your muscle.

So take it to the above, ‘well you’re going to have to lower your level of body fat, through these steps &...

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