Hey there, I’m Dave & thanks for stopping by!


Lets get personal first, I’ve always been interested in sports from a young age. The main of course being football! (Nottingham Forest fan!!) I enjoyed playing it both in 11 & 5 a side format but also branched out into Korfball & kickboxing as I grew up. Around 17/18 I joined the local gym with friends but didn’t really have much of a clue what I was doing.


I’m sure I made plenty of mistakes with my training early days, but it did do a couple of things for me. It built my confidence up massively & peaked my interest in learning more about what I was doing.


So, when I started to dislike the desk style job I had & things were turning a bit negative. I fell back onto this positive beacon in my life & made the decision to turn this interest & passion into my career. I went and got myself qualified & have continued to build both my knowledge & passion since.


I still continue to see all the positives day in day out for myself with the new life I’ve created. It continues to help me make the big & small decisions as they arise, ultimately with my happiness in the forefront.


This is therefore what I pledge to you – I want to help you!


The approach? To make your training challenging, efficient & enjoyable – taking the basic principles needed for progression, adaption & growth – together you’ll form new habits, experience positive changes & achieve things you might have thought impossible.


Specializing in fat loss & muscle gain, body re-composition, strength building & sport event training.


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